The most important treatment tool that I have to care for you is the chiropractic adjustment.  It forms the basis of my care for you and for the correction of your presenting problem.  Although i use additional therapies and tools in my office, the chiropractic adjustment forms the basis of my care for you.  This brief summary below explains why.

When a vertebrae becomes misaligned or moves out of its normal position, this is referred to in the chiropractic profession as a subluxation.  These misalignments can be caused by a wide range of issues ranging from a minor slip or bump to a car accident or any sudden trauma. When a vertebrae is misaligned,  it begins to put abnormal pressure and irritation on nerves, the surrounding discs, muscles, tendons, and ligaments.  Localized inflammation, muscle spasm, and pain can develop that can cause reduced motion, stiffness,  and loss of function, and even reduce your ability to work, and otherwise enjoy your activities of daily living.

As time goes by and this misalignment remains untreated, the spine and surrounding features such as discs can begin to degenerate. This degeneration becomes more difficult to reverse as time goes by as the surrounding muscles, nerves and bones begin to adjust to the new shape.  It will start to accommodate these changes by compensating in other areas. The longer this goes on, the more difficult it is and the longer it takes to get back to it's correct alignment.

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