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Dr. Douglas P. Manfra DC MPH DABCO
Diplomate American Board of Chiropractic Orthopedists


To all of my visitors to our website,  in my over 30 years of practice experience,  this is truly what happens when your spine and extremities remain in a condition of misalgnment.  I have seen it countless times and it is what our profession corrects naturally, more than any other medical speciality.


This is what happens when you experience uncorrected misalignment


Degeneration Phase 1
The first stage of spinal degeneration is when there is a minor loss of normal spine balance and spinal curvature. The surrounding features of the spine such as nerves, discs and joints begin to age quicker and are continually more stressed. This stage of the degeneration process rarely is accompanied with any major pain. At this point, there is a good chance that with the proper care, you can return to normal.

Degeneration Phase 2
In the second stage of spinal degeneration, there is a often narrowing of the discs and potentially deformation in the bones. Your posture is often beginning to degenerate as well at this point. As the spinal canal, or opening begins to narrow, there are often significant aches and pains.   Fatigue and stress are more common at this stage. There is a good chance of improvement at this stage with the proper care.

Degeneration Phase 3
In the third stage of spinal degeneration, there is significant physical and mental involvement due to the level of damage here. There is most likely significant nerve irritation as well as deformation and degeneration  of the bones and discs. There may bew significant loss of physical energy and body height at this point. Some reversal is possible.

Degeneration Phase 4
In the fourth stage of spinal degeneration, most damage may be permanent including scar tissue, nerve damage and deformation. At this point, the condition may be irreversible. Management of pain, maintenance of correction, emphasis on exercise, and nutritional strategies are appropriate. 

We proudly offer chiropractic care for spinal degeneration at our convenient location in Las Vegas, NV.. Quality chiropractic care is provided by Chiropractor Douglas Manfra and staff at our beautiful NV office. Spinal degeneration is a progressive condition and should be handled with the utmost care.